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wines of good quality, since the grapes are in good health.
The wines are rich in Alfrocheiro Black in color, presenting itself as the most stained Dão. Near the Serra da Estrela and the county of Nelas, which has better conditions to mature, it provides very aromatic wine, fruity and with great vividness, thanks to an excellent balance between acid and sugar. In the famous wines of the Center for Studies in wine, into the proportion of 25% of which is considered the best lot of all, together with Touriga Nacional, Jaen and the ink Pinheira.
The wines have strong color intensity, are aromatic and excellent balance between acid and sugar.
The must likely show a high alcohol content and high acidity.
The wines are rich in color (red to retinto) with violet tones when new. Provides wine very aromatic, fruity, with perfume vinous, delicate and fine. The taste is also fruity, thick, persistent, very lively thanks to its acidity (balanced). Very good potential for aging, especially when done in new oak wood. It is a multifaceted variety because of it sparkling know a lot of quality.

Source: www.iniap.pt
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