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Historical note
The Bairrada region is a producer of wines, full of vitality and history and are looking for a place in the future.
It was in the past, a land of passage and achievements in fighting between Christians and Arabs in the time of the formation of Portugal, when the kingdom's capital was Coimbra and the way the statement was to the south. He was also ground to defend the independence threatened by invading armies of Napoleon, held in the hills of Bussaco.

The spot of the vineyard saw but quietly all these convulsions of the past, because its fruits were always appreciated.
Also why the shipment of wine out, even abroad, was found early. Sign of openness to the outside of the region but was also of economic and technological progress of transformation in the use of space and construction of new geographies.

In recent decades this process of restructuring came to more distant frontiers. Agricultural employment not resist the new urban attractions, the industry demanded more centralities and services still continue in a growth that is beyond our current horizon. Hence the possibility of laying eyes on multiple directions and visions are intermingle, sometimes seeming to respond, others just asking.

The neighborhood is still a privileged stage of the transformations that have occurred in Portugal. Resume the same social vitality, identical natural potentials, a vocation common to discover and dream, all in smaller size.
However only a few can penetrate their secrets and enjoy all its magic.
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Historical Note
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