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Board of assessors
The CVB Board of assessors of the sensory analysis for product candidates or approval of bottling DOC Bairrada (and within this designation of origin products wines white, pink and red, and sparkling white, pink and red, and the marc spirit) and as the products by a geographical indication Beiras (Vinho Regional Beiras).
For each session of evidence are invited 5 panelists, from a panel of 20 tasters (10 to Bairrada and sparkling wine and 10 for Regional Beiras Wine quiet Bairrada). The evidence session is coordinated by a technician of the CVB, which has limited the samples (unknowns) to consumers (the wines are only made already served in glasses of proof, by type of wine, color and date of harvest).

The wine tasters evidence of an individual, indicating the scores and comments for each wine, a form of evidence available in a computer program, available to of each. If the final result being the rejection of the wine, the Board of assessors indicates, necessarily, the objective reasons of rejection. The notice of approval or rejection is at the end of the process, sent to the economic agent, together with the report of the analytical sample by CVB its premises.

It is also envisaged a board of appeal for rejected wines - and they are exhausted the opportunities provided for in Regulation of the Board of Assessors - in which the panelists have been invited can not attend the last sessions of the evidence where the wine was rejected.

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