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Strategic Plan of Bairrada

Panel 1: Production

Mr. Adriano Aires - Station The Bairrada wine

Prof. Dr. Fernando Bianchi-de-Aguiar - UTAD

Lunch in the Cellar of the Bairrada wine Station, subject to inclusion on the CVB

Panel 2: Marketing and Distribution

Dr. John Snow and Dr John Casaleiro - CV Bairrada

Eng José Manuel Costa and Oliveira - Vice President Viniportugal (Promotion)

Panel 3: Tourism

Dr. José Miguel Brás -- University of Aveiro
Dr. Laura Regueiro -- Quinta da Casa Amarela
Dr. Miguel Mendes -- Turismo de Portugal, IP

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Target audience:

- Manufacturers and Businessmen and Professionals of the Bairrada Wine
- Members of the Route Bairrada
- Municipalities and Public Entities of Bairrada
- Agents of tourism in the region


- Committee of the Bairrada Wine
- Tel: 231510180
- Email: cv.bairrada @ mail.telepac.pt


The region of Bairrada will be discussed in the preparation of the Strategic Plan of Bairrada, on February 25, at the wine from Bairrada, with the beginning of the session scheduled for 10:30 hours.

"Reorganization", "Modernization," "Innovation", "Quality", "differentiation", "economic and environmental sustainability" and "conciliation" are some of the keywords under which the industry intends to build the new guidelines for the revitalization of Bairrada, while wine region of high reputation and competitive capacity.

The wine, flagship industry for the region, generating wealth and employment, and a mark of their identity and cultural heritage, debate is the need to re new ways and revive the region, putting it on a course of sustained growth, benefiting from the climate of inconsistency and change that is now beginning to feel, and which are not indifferent actors, public and private sector.

The Commission of the Bairrada wine, the ViniBairrada, the Confraternity of the Enófilos Bairrada, Bairrada the Route of the City of Anadia, the University of Aveiro and the Regional Direction of Agriculture and Fisheries Center, are in this together purpose and are partners in the preparation of the strategic plan, which aims to reflect the concerns, the aspirations and ambitions of entrepreneurs and professionals of the sector in a joint action plan, establishing priorities and guidelines for this final draft regional cluster.

The session will consist of 3 panels: production, marketing and distribution and tourism, which aims to provide, for each theme, an appraisal prepared by different entities of the sector in the region and validate this approach with the knowledge and experience of sector entities outside the region in order to identify and seize new dynamics of development.

Thus, in order to collect contributions from participants, the organizers of this initiative address the invitation to all interested parties to attend and share their vision on the future of the region, a cause that is all the Bairradinos.

Bairrada - Program 25 February 2008 - pag1
Bairrada - Program 25 February 2008 - pag2
GT1 Production
GT3 Tourism
GT 2 Marketing and Distribution
Introduction and General Conclusions
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