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DO Bairrada

Bairrada - Denomination of OriginA Portuguese wine region, Bairrada borders the Lafões region to the North and the Dão to the East.

It is located in the province of Beira Litoral and the central region, between two important urban and university centres, Aveiro, to the north, and Coimbra, to the south.

In the centre, in the heart of Bairrada, we find the municipalities of Anadia, Mealhada and Oliveira do Bairro. Cantanhede, Águeda and Vagos also stand out, making a total of eight municipalities, which give a richness and diversity to the region, allowing the coexistence of beach, mountain, river and vineyard landscapes.

A region that explores the senses, it is mainly known for the wines it produces, highlighting its terroir and winegrowing tradition. It is the oldest and most important sparkling wine region in the country, producing, from 1890 to the present day, many of its wines using the classic method.

Crossed by the main highway and road network, both main and complementary of the country, Bairrada is less than 100km from the city of Oporto and about 220km from Lisbon.

Criss-crossed by a network of small rivers, and as the diverse region that it is, it has different types of soil such as clay-limestone of Jurassic and Triassic origin, sandy soils originating in the Plistocene and alluvial soils.

A region with a notable maritime influence, it is noteworthy wide temperature range when the grapes are ripening, reaching an impressive 20ºC, which helps to maintain the acidity of the fruit, giving great freshness to the wines that result from them. The soil here is clay-limestone, in varying proportions from region to region, with a good amount of silt, a loose and porous soil with a grevish colour.

Bairrada has a temperate climate marked by the strong influence of the Atlantic Ocean. Winters are cool, long and rainy. Summers are hot, although they are softened by the presence of west and northwest winds, more frequent in the regions near the sea.

Baga is considered the region's queen red grape variety and, when grown in its clay soils, it produces wines full of colour, very rich in tannins and of great longevity.

Bairrada - Denomination of Origin
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