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Casa D'Almear-Soc
Casa D'Almear

Casa D'Almear defines its own style of wine production with respect for traditional savoir-faire and Nature.

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The history of Casa D'Almear is drawn from the childhood of António Castilho and the memory of those hot summers that marked the joy of the Grape Harvest. Joaquim Graça's oldest grandson, little António, was at that time the only child in a family of farmers and winegrowers from Barrô who took part in wine production.

During the late 1950s and early 1960s, a large part of the family's production was sold to the National Wine Board in Águeda. António Castilho still remembers the image of the ox carts and respective vats, where the baskets of grapes were deposited, and which slowly made their way to the winery as his little feet trod on them. At the winery, the work of the lagar (press) began early so that all the grapes could be trodden, and in the evening, to celebrate the generous harvest, an "improved" supper was served to all. Years later, António da Graça Castilho and Alda Tavares Castilho, inspired by their childhood memories and their dream of producing distinctive wines, united the family in their love for wine production and Casa D'Almear - Classic Vineyards was born.

Officially founded in 2007, Casa D'Almear defines its own style of wine production, respecting the traditional savoir-faire, with moderate intervention of the contemporary innovation component, compatible with the sustainability model. Casa D'Almear wines are characterised by their elegant character and festive attitude, involving each moment in an atmosphere of pure Celebration and Success.

Rua de São Caetano, n.15, Almear - Travassô

3750-751 Águeda

Aveiro, Portugal

+351 234 012 287 +351 964 601 246
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