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Casa dos Barbas-Soc
Casa dos Barbas

Casa dos Barbas has existed as a small family farm for over a century, always with subsistence farming, over two generations it was based on the production of milk and American "strawberry" wine.

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The third generation also grew up in this environment of love for the countryside, for agriculture, but the difficulties in keeping up with the standards of living of their generation made them leave in search of a better life, but never cutting their relationship with their land.

It was then that in 2010, Adelino Teixeira and Horácio Teixeira da Silva, cousins, being the third generation of the Barbas family, seeing the abandonment that had left their properties, decided to bet on viticulture, activity always present in the family farm, although in a rudimentary way. They analysed the soil, made the respective corrections and prepared the soil to receive the small vine plants imported from nurseries in France. They were planted with very high densities so that there would be a good root colonisation of the soil, embedded in a mobile wire system so that they would maintain a good and continuous exposure to the sun, allied to modern viticultural practices, in order to extract all their potential.

The castes are the "champagne" castes Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, being the objective of the Society the production of high quality sparkling wine, the lack of knowledge of the "terroir" was not an impediment, therefore love for the land and the Lands of Couto was sufficient motivation to launch themselves into this challenging dream, to produce high quality sparkling wine in Couto de Esteves. At this moment the company already offers around 1000 hours of work to people from Couto de Esteves who have been trained by our technicians for a demanding viticultural activity.

Couto de Esteves, Sever do Vouga, Aveiro

3740-037 Couto de Esteves


+351 936 744 807
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