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Caves Arcos do Rei, Lda
Caves Arcos do Rei

Future wine runs in the veins of the earth, and the earth in the hearts of men. Its nobility results from the passionate dedication of its people, who go from the stone press to the table. Without this deep relationship, there is no wine. And it is so strong that it unites the nobleman with the modest peasant in the same language and the same wisdom. Omnipresent in the portuguese landscape, each region contributes in a unique way to the composition of such appreciated wines.

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The Passion

In 1995, we acquired the facilities of some cellars in Bairrada, in Anadia, and founded Arcos do Rei, adding to the portfolio wines of this region.


But growing also means more responsibility, not only for the environment but also towards the consumer. That is why Arcos do Rei was one of the first Portuguese wine companies to achieve IFS - International Food Standard, a quality certification. This means that our products offer an extra guarantee of health and food safety, because it is not enough that the wines are good, it is fundamental that, in moderation, they are absolutely safe for health. This is our company's commitment: with the seal of quality from our oenological team, a wine for every table.

Rua da Igreja, 20

3780-907 Anadia


+351 231 511 267
+351 231 503 350
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