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Caves Montanha - A
Caves da Montanha

Located in Bairrada, a region of excellence for vine growing, the "capital" of sparkling wines in Portugal.

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Based in Anadia, Caves da Montanha was founded in 1943 by Adriano Henriques, passed from parents to children, and is currently in the fourth generation. Focused on the production, commercialisation and distribution of drinks, it has always pursued the same goal over many years and generations? the quality of the products it presents to its clients. Proof of this are the many quality awards it has won over the years. 

Caves Montanha ages its sparkling wines in long underground tunnels, with a capacity to store 3 million bottles, maintaining a temperature range of 2-3 ºC. If we add to this the dedication and passion for what we do, and with their already long experience and rigour in monitoring all the production processes of each bottle, it is easy to understand why people are so easily seduced by their sparkling wines

R. Adriano Henriques 12,

3780-202 Anadia


+351 231 512 260
+351 231 515 602
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