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Caves Primavera

Some things only get better with time... Like a good wine.

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Caves Primavera was only possible due to the effort, dedication and work of two great men, brothers Lucénio and Vital de Almeida. Our founders started their activity since they were very young. Lucénio and Vital de Almeida were serious, confident men, with enormous dedication and who made a very strong duo. Always motivated by their dream, they managed to make the name Primavera be associated with something more than just the season of the year. They were good, unique, humble men, benefactors of the region, who will never be forgotten. Two men, Lucénio and Vital Rodrigues de Almeida were and always will be the main responsible for the success of Caves Primavera. It was they who took off and initiated a new cycle in the world of wines and gave a new dimension to the expression "here comes spring".

Rua das Caves, nº15

3754-906 Aguada de Baixo

Águeda, Portugal

+351 234 660 660
+351 234 240 966
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