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Graça Maria da Silva Miranda Cabeça de Casal da Her
Casa de Saima

A great and admirable legacy. The fruit of unequalled dedication, hard work and above all, Passion. An enormous passion for Wine, for the Land and its people.

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Located in the centre of the Bairrada demarcated region, with 18 hectares of vineyard, Casa de Saima is linked to the production of quality wine. The vineyards of Casa de Saima are spread over small plots of land, situated in the best "terroir" of the region, enlivening the landscape with its characteristic trace. Here, old vines, planted irregularly, coexist with more modern vines of orderly proportions. Casa de Saima's vineyards are based on the region's traditional varieties, namely Baga for red wines and Maria Gomes and Bical for white and sparkling wines. There are also small plots of land with the red grape variety Touriga Nacional and the white Chardonnay, thus enabling the production of personalised, distinctive wines. A quality wine is made in the vineyard and the winery. In this case, the vineyard is integrated in an environmentally friendly system (integrated protection) where the application of chemical products is minimal and strictly controlled. At Casa de Saima, the wine is produced exclusively from grapes selected from our own vineyards. During the harvest, the grapes are picked and transported to the winery in small boxes, in order to preserve the quality of the fruit...because wine is a cultural heritage!

Rua Sobreiro

3780-102 Sangalhos


+351 961 623 424
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