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Products from the limestone terroir of Bairrada, these wines uniquely express the characteristics of the soil from which they come from.

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Centenarian vineyards, full of native grape varieties, where Baga and Maria Gomes predominate, planted in stony and poor soils, the raw material is scarce, but extremely precious. The calcareous soils, which allow the development of unique and unmistakable wines, help retain the natural acidity and, by transmitting freshness and minerality, contribute to the authenticity, uniqueness and complexity of the final product.

Bairrada is a wine region just outside the university city of Coimbra, situated between the Atlantic coast and the neighbouring rural region of the Dão. It is characterised by rainy winters and mild summers, with a climate strongly influenced by the sea. The soils vary from sandy to clay and limestone, which allows it to produce wines of different styles. Classified as a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) region, it stands out for its unequalled red wines. However, it is also known and recognised for its fresh and mineral whites, as well as for its high quality sparkling wines.

Coimbra, Portugal

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